Mixed-Media Art Projects

Art is such a powerful form of visual communication - and is often used to communicate big issues. I believe that 'smaller', more domestic issues can also be communicated through art and the two projects below attempt to represent issues that are important to me. The projects were developed using a range of media and processes including textiles, paper, stitch, and collage.

This work was produced as part of my final project for the Foundation Course and was exhibited at the Bristol School of Art in 2010. The work explores the identities of women in the 21st Century by examining the complex relationship between the fulfillment of dreams/ambitions and the demands of adult responsibilities. I asked women a series of questions including: When you were little, what did you dream of being when you were a grown up? Did you fulfill this dream? How did children fit into the picture? The responses were used to inform the development of the pieces.

Dreams: When I grow up I want to be...

In this project, the theme of Transition was explored in relation to the everyday journeys that we make as part of our daily lives. During May and June 2011, I made a record of my movements around Bristol, creating tracings of map routes and taking photographs of what I saw. In making these journeys, I was particularly struck by how strongly the Bristol of the past can be felt in the Bristol of the present. This work aimed to reveal how the familiar world around us - which we often take for granted - can be fascinating, complex and beautiful. The work was exhibited at Centrespace Gallery in November 2011 and The Hamilton House Gallery in April 2014.