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By suepickering, Mar 8 2021 12:07PM

I am taking part in this year's 100 Day Project on Instagram. My own personal project is to do some creative activity every day. The project started on 31st January 2021. My aim is to do something that contributes towards my development as an artist every day. I am keeping records of what I do in sketchbooks and on Instagram and Facebook.

My experience of trying to develop as an artist has been an interesting one. Making art has always run alongside other committments - and sometimes I have been unable to make any art for months at a time because of other demands on my time (and headspace). This has meant that I make some progress in my work, but then forget what I have learned by the time I get to get my art stuff out again.

During the 100 Day Project I am taking part in my own bespoke art course. I'm taking the time to fully explore things that I want to understand - composition, colour mixing, value, the process of applying paint, and much more. I have taken the time to do an 'audit' of all the paint that I have acumulated over the last few years and created paint swatched for easy reference. I have taken some courses by artists whose work I admire.

But mostly I am just doing what ever creative activity I feel like doing each day. and then sharing it with others - some of whom are also taking part in this project. To see what I am doing, check out my work on Instagram or Facebook.

By suepickering, Nov 19 2020 11:32AM

Usually, at this time of the year, I am madly trying to finish new work to take along to the North Bristol Arts Trail. We are a creative bunch in the area of North Bristol where I live - and one weekend each year we put our work out on display in homes, studios and other local venues and invite the public to come and see what we do.

But this year is different - and showing our work in the usual way is just not possible. So, following the example set by other art trails in Bristol, this year's North Bristol Arts Trail will be a VIRTUAL trail.

This means that over the trail weekend (27th-29th November 2020) our work will be shared on a special Facebook group, which everyone is invited to join:

So - if you fancy looking at a range of wonderful art next weekend, join the Facebook group and check in to your Facebook newsfeed.

By suepickering, Oct 1 2020 10:02AM

Over the last couple of months I have been playing with print, paint, collage and markmaking in a series of pieces on A4 Mixed Media Paper. The result of these explorations has been 30 mixed media pieces that have been posted on Instagram and Facebook - one a day during September 2020.

The pieces were made during the Coronavirus pandemic - a time when I was lucky to have a safe home to live in. But not everyone is as fortunate as me. The economic impact of Coronavirus is a massive threat to ability of many people to pay their rent or mortgage - with the risk that their homes will be lost as a consequence.

I am supporting Crisis' HOME FOR ALL campaign by selling all of the pieces in the '30 in 30' series to raise money for the charity.

Each piece is priced at £30 (plus P&P), but more can be paid if you want to make a bigger donation to the charity. All proceeds will go to Crisis.

To see the '30 in 30' pieces, visit Facebook or Instagram. If you are interested in buying one of the pieces, please email: [email protected]

By suepickering, Jul 17 2017 02:43PM

This week my work is being shown as part of an exhibition about the city that I live in - Bristol. The exhibition was organized by Marija Staneviciute who is an illustrator with a studio in Hamilton House (the building where I also have my studio). The exhibition concerns the city of Bristol and "how it can be reflected through different views, people, memories, experiences, feelings or other free interpretations".

I decided to make some mixed media pieces on 12" x 12" box canvases - a surface that I have not really worked on before, so these pieces were a bit of an experiment for me. I wanted to reflect my experience of moving around Bristol, which, as anyone has ever visited the city will know, is very hilly. This means that the view is often composed of buildings stacked up behind one another on the different levels of the city, punctuated with an abundance of green spaces and trees. The two pieces, called Bristol Views I & II are shown above, with detail from Bristol Views II shown below.

Bristol is a city of contradictions. It is harshly urban, but lusciously green. It is small, but feels much bigger. It is thriving and prosperous but has areas of luxury and areas of deprivation juxtaposed with one another. These contradictions are expressed in the other work in the exhibition, some of which is shown here.

In the last couple of years Bristol has been regarded as one of the best cities in the UK to live in. Ironically for artists like me, this has brought massive increases in property prices and the threat of gentrification. Even the future of the building in which I work is uncertain.

The exhibition runs from 13th-19th July at Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QY Bristol, UK. For more information visit:

By suepickering, Jun 6 2017 01:10PM

This weekend (10th-11th June) I will be taking part in the BS9 Arts Trail. BS9 is a postcode in north Bristol which includes the areas of Stoke Bishop, Westbury on Trym and Henleaze.

This will be the second year that I have taken part in this art trail and I will be back in the same venue - the Scout Hut, between 15 & 17 Kewstoke Road, Bristol BS9 1HA.

Four other artists will be based in this venue: Jenny Urquhart, Corinne Welch, Charlotte West and Rosy Fowler.

Art Trails are a great way to show your work to people and I always enjoy chatting to visitors. It is nice to be asked about how my work is made and what inspires the pieces that I make.

I will be showing a range of my current work including: gelli prints, acrylic paintings, mixed media collages (plus giclee prints of some collages and paintings), handmade books, glass tile jewellery, fabric jewellery and greetings cards.

For more information about the trail visit: