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I'm doing the 100 Day Project

By suepickering, Mar 8 2021 12:07PM

I am taking part in this year's 100 Day Project on Instagram. My own personal project is to do some creative activity every day. The project started on 31st January 2021. My aim is to do something that contributes towards my development as an artist every day. I am keeping records of what I do in sketchbooks and on Instagram and Facebook.

My experience of trying to develop as an artist has been an interesting one. Making art has always run alongside other committments - and sometimes I have been unable to make any art for months at a time because of other demands on my time (and headspace). This has meant that I make some progress in my work, but then forget what I have learned by the time I get to get my art stuff out again.

During the 100 Day Project I am taking part in my own bespoke art course. I'm taking the time to fully explore things that I want to understand - composition, colour mixing, value, the process of applying paint, and much more. I have taken the time to do an 'audit' of all the paint that I have acumulated over the last few years and created paint swatched for easy reference. I have taken some courses by artists whose work I admire.

But mostly I am just doing what ever creative activity I feel like doing each day. and then sharing it with others - some of whom are also taking part in this project. To see what I am doing, check out my work on Instagram or Facebook.