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News, Muse & Inspiration 21: Using my photographs to make collages

During February I took lots of photographs of the world around me. I collected images that contained interesting lines and shapes, with a view to using these in my work. You can see these images on Instagram as part of my Art of the Day project. For the final month of my 2024 Art of the Day project I looked at various methods of including these photographs in my work. I decided to focus on making collages - both digital and analogue.

Digital collages with digital images

For the first 7 days of March I created digital collages that featured my photographs. These were a lot of fun to make. They allowed me to change the scale and colour of my photographs so that they fitted with the composition of the collage.

Can you spot some of the origins of the images? I can tell you that there are some drain covers, fences, trees and a comb included in these digital collages.

Paper collages with digital images

For the next 9 days I made paper collages (which you could also call analogue collages) and added my images to them digitally. I scanned the paper collages into my laptop and then worked on them digitally.

I added lots of my photos to these 'hybrid collages' - including one of Clevedon Pier! Large things have been made small and small things have been made large - and colours have been changed too.

Paper collages with analogue images

After this I worked on mastering 3 methods of physically transferring my photographs on to paper collages. These were: alcohol gel transfers, Gelli plate transfers and a method using Transfer Medium Gel. It took a bit of time to get to the point where I could add images to collage. The images below show paper collages with photographic images added using the Transfer Medium Gel method. If you would like to know more about my image transfer methods, subscribe to my Newsletter where I will be sharing my processes for image transfer.

The alcohol gel approach was interesting, but only worked on unprimed paper, so I had to add collage over the top of the transfer.

I made a number of collages that included images that had been transferred on to wet strength tissue paper using a Gelli Plate.

This has been a really great way to round off my 2024 Art of the Day project. I have learned a number of processes that I can use in my mixed media work and have some nice little collages that I may mount and frame at some point in the future.


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