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an exhibition
celebrating 'street jewellery' and
other overlooked treasure

During July 2024 my exhibition Unhidden Gems will be on show at the Dog & Bone Gallery in Brighton.


This exhibition celebrates manhole covers (drain covers, etc.) - known by enthusiasts as ‘street jewellery’ - and many of the other interesting features of our everyday world that go unnoticed as we live our busy lives. The exhibition is made up of a series of mixed media collages featuring images of what catches my eye as I walk around my local area of Bristol. You can see images and videos of the exhibition on Instagram by clicking here.

The exhibition is made up of a series of mixed media collages.


In order to work with the unique features of the phone box gallery setting, I created a set of translucent collages. These were made by combining layers of printed tissue paper. These collages have been attached to the windows of the phone boxes to allow light to pass through.


The other pieces on show are 'hybrid collages' (see below for examples). These have been made by combining traditional paper collage and computer-based digital collage to create a fusion of shapes, colours and photographic images. The images are taken from photographs that I take in and around my home.


Can you see what I found? (scroll down to find out)

my inspiration

I love finding inspiration in the most mundane of places. When I walk around my home city of Bristol, I notice lots of little details around me and I take photos of these details. I see lines, shapes, patterns, colours and textures. You can see some of these details in the images below. The mixed media collages in the exhibition include details from my photographs - can you spot any of these?

Household Objects

a fruit net

a comb

​a whisk

a slotted spoon

a skimmer ladle

a cushion

a lamp

a wicker chair


ivy stems



bare tree branches

dried flower stems

seed heads


stonework details

metal railings



windows & doors

rooflines & chimneys

Manhole Covers

drain covers

fire hydrant covers

telecommunication covers

sewer covers

access covers


you can find out more about how I make my work and what inspires me by clicking here

visit the exhibition

The exhibition is on show during July 2024 at the Dog & Bone Gallery in Brighton, UK.

Dog & Bone Gallery

Powis Square, Brighton BN1

Dog & Bone gallery pic 1.jpg
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